April 28, 2016


Glitter Your Pallet

Glitter Your Pallet has taken off like wildfire and I could not be more thrilled or grateful. I receive continuous emails, Facebook and Instagram messages on how “excited” my clients are to be attending or hosting a paint party/workshop with me. Words cannot express how I feel every single time I read these words  – EXCITED. It’s like nothing I have ever felt, people are excited to come paint with me. WOW! This fuels my soul and makes me want to pour every ounce of my time and energy into making the experience at Glitter Your Pallet the best it can be!  There’s only one thing – I NEED MORE HOURS IN THE DAY. (Don’t we all, right?) Can I get a show of hands how many people need just a few more hours? Oh what you can’t raise your hand because you’ve got them all full? Yep. Got it.

So… I didn’t have time last night to go to the really out of the way boutique store to buy my normal brand of chalk paint. (I have 100 boards ready for paint) On the 50 minute commute home from my “real job of selling laboratory consumables” I made a call to my local Menard’s Store in Homer Glen asking if they carried chalk paint. The lady on the other end said, “well we recently got this new fancy display from Rust-oleum in our paint department.” I thought huh, ok what does this have to do with chalk paint lady? She tells me that the display is full of this “Rust-oleum CHALKED PAINT” that I mentioned. My ears perked. Really? Rust-oleum makes chalk paint? Tell me more. It comes in quart sizes and spray cans and all kinds of tints to make all kinds of colors she states. I point the car in the direction of Menard’s and hit go.

The paint lady greeted me and pointed me to the “new fancy display” and she was correct. It’s an attractive standalone display with pictured literature and all kinds of glorious CHALKED PAINT in quart cans and spray cans. There are also spray cans with a matte finish. Pretty unique. Vintage Ivory is the color I needed so I had it tinted the ultra matte paint base and brought it home along with the matte clear spray can.

RESULTS: I like it. I really, really like the Rust-eloum CHALKED PAINT. And I am all about the vintage ivory cream color. It’s perfect for a mono-chromatic person like myself. Its creamy and dreamy! I envision using this product – a lot. Tonight I will distress the board and add an antique feel – stay tuned.  And the next best thing, it located in a very convenient place. Close to home, which saves me time.


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