November 16, 2015

A new color for me… Anne Sloan Provence

Glitter Your Pallet

So I tried out a new pallet board color today on a whim…

Even though you can’t tell big box stores this, the holidays really haven’t even started. But going by the advice of my baby brother I had best get a plan of action together once the festive season comes to a crashing close.

So over the weekend I got a little crazy and experimented with a new color for the pallet boards for post holidays. I gave Provence by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint a whirl and by golly I think we have a winner.

I cautiously covered the pallet board lightly with the paint because its so different than my mono chromatic cream colored ways. Hmmm… OK lets add it on a littler heavier this seems to be a pretty nice hue. After that, I let it dry and took a step back and thought now what? Well now what turned into topping it off with Annie Sloan Soft Wax Dark, my go to staple in life. This product is the bee knees! The cream of the crop! The…. ah you get what I’m saying. Its fabulous! 

My fiance and neighbors across the street cut no punches with me ever. They call it like they see it. A few hours later we were all congregated in the drive way and without me prying or mentioning my new creation, they looked over and saw The NEW PROVENCE pallet board. “Lisa is that a new color for you?” I boasted, YES it is! Whatcha think? They agreed…Winner Winner!

What do you think?

Glitter Your Pallet

November 16, 2015


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